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NEW 2016!!

The Lil' Butt Crackers are now available. Designed for Fluke, Flounder, Grouper, Red Snapper, Amber Jack and other Bottom Fish.

We are offering the same dynamic Butt Cracker Jig in our new smaller sizes. The 3 oz, 5oz, 7oz and 9 oz Butt Crackers come in a variety of skirt colors check them out today! 


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Now you can get your Buttcracker's at CABELA'S, Anchorage AK. Lacey WA Tulalip WA Tualatin OR  Ask a CABELA'S store near you if they have them!

  ThThThis Revolutionary halibut bait and bottom fish jig system is deadly! This fishing lure is  very effective on all predatory fish such as Halibut, Lingcod, Red Snapper, Yellow-eye, and  all rockfish and bottom fish species.

Fish can't resist the cracking sound this bait makes when jigged just off the bottom or along stucture.

Fishermen all over are learning that this jig has the ability to trigger the predatory instinct of all rock and bottom fish and create strikes like no other fishing lure.

Even at times when fish are not feeding, the noise this lure creates causes vicious strikes and more hook-ups. The "Hali-Butt Cracker" saltwater fishing lure is now available in 12oz, 16oz, 20oz and 24oz models.

234lb Halibut caught on a 16oz Buttcracker  "The Butt Cracker is like ringing the dinner bell for big Butt's"
-Pete Grimm






The Buttcracker saltwater fishing lures and jigs are proven fish killers and work very well in many saltwater fishing and jigging situations. Any size Buttcracker will make the patented cracking sound that has made Fish Cracker Baits the fishing bait of choice for fisherman fishing for Halibut,Ling Cod, Red Snapper, Rock Fish and all Bottom Fish species.





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