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Check out KTUU's Fishing Report with our friends at Crazy Ray's killing it on the Buttcracker jig!  


Now you can get your Buttcracker's at CABELA'S, Anchorage AK. Ask a CABELA'S store near you if they have them!

  ThThThis Revolutionary halibut bait and bottom fish jig system is deadly! This fishing lure is  very effective on all predatory fish such as Halibut, Lingcod, Red Snapper, Yellow-eye, and  all rockfish and bottom fish species.

Fish can't resist the cracking sound this bait makes when jigged just off the bottom or along stucture.

Fishermen all over are learning that this jig has the ability to trigger the predatory instinct of all rock and bottom fish and create strikes like no other fishing lure.

Even at times when fish are not feeding, the noise this lure creates causes vicious strikes and more hook-ups. The "Hali-Butt Cracker" saltwater fishing lure is now available in 12oz, 16oz, 20oz and 24oz models.




The new Predator and FCI Bait Rigs and Jig systems are an exciting new addition to the Fish Cracker Baits product line. These two saltwater fishing lures and jigs are proven fish killers and work very well in many saltwater fishing and jigging situations. Both make the patented cracking sound that has made Fish Cracker Baits the fishing bait of choice for fisherman fishing for Halibut, Ling Cod, Red Snapper, Rock Fish and all Bottom Fish species.

Patent Pending

Patent Pending


Fish Cracker Predator is a squid imitation lure designed to be cast for suspended fish. This bait will work in the Gulf of Mexico  if you are targeting  Amberjack, King Mackerel, Cobia, or any other species of game fish found around the oil rigs in the Gulf.

When fishing in the Northwest this bate will cause vicious strikes from King or Silver Salmon. No matter what species or where you are fishing this bate is best when fished with an erratic action.




The Fish Cracker Bait Rig will revolutionize baie fishing for bottom species.

Now, you have the ability to add noise to your bait whether you are using squid, herring or any other cut or live bait.

This rig is made with 300lb monofilament line and 300lb+barrel swivels.






 The FCI Jig-Rig takes normal jig fishing to a whole new level by adding our revolutionary patent pending cracking sound that all of our baits are famous for.

Add the FCI Jig-Rig to any of the jigs you already own and your jig will catch fish like never before. Suddenly it will not only look like something to eat but it will sound like something to eat. When you add the clicking sound our FCI Jig-Rig makes, you tap into the preditor instinct that provokes vicious strikes!

This tremendously increases your chances of catching fish even when they are not hungry.  Adding the FCI Jig-Rig to your tackle box is a must!

The picture shows you how to attach the FCI Jig-Rig to the jig of your choice.

(JIg not included)

      Intr Introducing the New FC Hammer which combines the noise-making ability of the FCI with the tantalizing movement and vibration of a twin tail grub. Both come with a glow-in-the-dark jig head. Grub is available in UV or White.
















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